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Holistic and Metaphysical guidance

There isn’t one correct way to perceive and experience our human lives. But, if we find ourselves unhappy, anxious, confused or unfulfilled, it’s time for us to examine our current perceptions–our thoughts and feelings. From a holistic perspective, we can recognize that we are mind body and spirit, and these components work together to create our life experience. The master guide is our thoughts and feelings; they are what lead us to either a life of joy or sadness. It can feel at times like the world is giving us anxiety, but through a metaphysical perspective, we can understand how the world is a reflection of our own perceptions. 

Our sessions tap into your current perceptions, and work together to create a better view of yourself and this world through holistic and metaphysical teachings.

Perhaps you have joy, security and confidence in your life, but you wish to gain a greater understanding of what this life is from a spiritual perspective. Incorporating metaphysical concepts and activities into your life can bring understanding and spiritual fulfilment to your everyday reality–a greater understanding and comfort in knowing the divinity with you.

Meditation Instruction

The type of meditation I teach will help you to calm your mind by leading you into a peaceful state of awareness. Beyond our relentless thoughts there is peace which transcends judgment, allowing us to quietly observe and appreciate who we are.  

Exercises from my book

Exercises from my book The Path to Higher Consciousness:  if you struggle with any of the exercises presented in my book, I can help coach you one-on-one to grasp the concept, or help you to work through it. 

Sessions will be one hour unless a longer period of time is agreed upon in advance.

Feel free to email me with any questions.  

Coaching and guidance will be over the phone, through Zoom or email.

There will be a quick questionnaire and a release emailed prior to your scheduled appointment–please return both before your session.