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About Services

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are suited for something you are specifically needing help or guidance with which may be better suited to one or a few specific sessions. This can also be a way to pay for individual guidance and meditation instruction packages.

Meditation Instruction

Learning how to Meditate in three weeks.

Week one- learn the basics of how to meditate along with the Holistic benefits of meditation.  

Week two and three- follow up on your meditation progress and help refine your technique.  

 *Learning meditation is a process of learning to move beyond the thoughts that continuously come into your mind. This process takes time to master, so doing it over a 3 week period will allow time for you to practice and a chance for me to follow up on your progress. 

Metaphysical Guidance

Six-weeks to having a Metaphysical understanding and learning meditation (optional). 

Week One- Get to know where you are in life and discuss what you can achieve through Metaphysical guidance. 

Week Two- learn the basics of meditation (optional) and begin introducing beneficial Metaphysical ideas into your current beliefs and thinking. 

Week Three thru Six- This time is needed to continue Following up on your meditation practice and putting metaphysical concepts to work in your life. During these weeks we will discuss making changes which will help you perceive life in a more positive and holistic way. There may be exercises given to you which will assist with this process, so in the following sessions there will be time to answer questions and get feedback on how the exercises are working for you.  This guidance process is based on Metaphysical concepts to help you heal and retrain your thinking to be more positive and successful along with bring you peace of mind and a passion for living.  

*At anytime during our weekly meeting we may come up with affirmations for you to focus on, discuss emotional blocks standing in your way, learn how forgiveness helps you to move forward in life and discuss and overcome any fears about life which you are holding onto. We may also discuss the law of attraction and how to manifest what it is you are seeking in life.