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My Goal


My passion is to help you find joy and meaning in your life by developing a spiritual path which complements who you are. This does not involve changing who you are, rather it is the process of you learning to perceive and experience life through a more beneficial perspective.  With this perspective, you will have a better understanding of why you are here and why you should follow your passion and be who you truly want to be.  

The Metaphysics of thought


As a Metaphysical instructor, I will show you through a holistic or metaphysical perspective how you can greatly improve your life experience. There is so much more to this world than what we are taught in our schools and modern culture.  The world is an effect of our thinking, not a cause.  Everything begins with a thought, so our thoughts are powerful.  Our thoughts set the energy around us into motion to create the experience we are currently having. With this understanding, we can work together on creating a better, more beneficial perception for your self. A perception which will lead you to experience a happier life—a life lived with passion and success!

Being your true self


Like most of us, you were probably raised to act and be a specific way to be accepted. But, beyond the limited human perceptions of how you should be in life, there is a Universal loving acceptance of your individual experience, which supports, encourages and loves you for being and expressing yourself exactly how your heart desires.  This is Living an authentic life which will bring you joy and happiness. Understanding this will greatly help you in becoming who it is you wish to be or do, and have the courage to do so!

What is Metaphysics


Metaphysics is the study of understanding our eternal consciousness or our true eternal nature. It is understanding that we think and feel much of our life through our human ego mind, but we also have the ability to see beyond our ego thinking and view life from a higher conscious awareness. This perspective brings us the insight of knowing the Source from which we come is not separate from us, rather we are a physical extension of Source. 

When we focus our thoughts and feelings on loving ourselves and others, we align with the higher consciousness of Source and the beneficial results of this in our lives can be tremendous. 

We are Spirit or the part of Source which is having a physical experience and while we are having a physical experience, we are always connected to Source through our Soul or inner connection.  When a person awakens to being part of Source, no beliefs stating we are separate can ever override this magnificent truth. Having a sense of this reality brings us tremendous comfort and confidence because we know we are always and forever a beautiful and powerful part of creation, and the creators of our lives. 

With a metaphysical understanding, we gain the ability to transcend the drama of this world and live a life of purpose, passion and have the courage to be who it is we desire to be. 

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My book "The Path to Higher Consciousness"

Available on Amazon and Kindle stores!  

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