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Dr David Howard PhD


I spent my twenties and early thirties seeking fulfilment in materialism and vanity which for me was normal because most people around me were also focused on the same thing. On the upside, I enjoyed a life of partying, material possessions, a large number of friends and constant invites to anything happening. On the downside I felt empty inside and I didn’t realize it at the time. This emptiness was an ever-present feeling of unworthiness and feeling disconnected and I had a tendency to blame others for why I felt this way. I blamed my parents, I blamed my boyfriends and even my friends. I would focus on the little things they did and use them as the excuse for the cause of my inner pain and emptiness. Doing so was much easier than spending time alone in order to seek out what I did not want to see or admit about myself. In my early thirties I began to notice that nothing I did, no one I dated and nothing I bought was bringing me true fulfilment. I also began to realize they wouldn’t, because at this time I finally admitted to myself I was the cause of my emptiness. I realized I was lacking something greater than what any material thing or human connection could bring me. What I was lacking was a belief in myself or any greater understanding for my life. With this realization, I began seeking any information which would help me in my journey of discovering and understanding who I really was. In the beginning I learned from the guidance of others, but it was through my meditation practice that I began to feel my own connection to something greater.  This connected and loving feeling I felt brought me a sense of peace which I have not felt before in my life. Feeling this connection also inspired me to seek a more concise spiritual education which led me to pursue one of my greatest learning experiences with the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. Through my studies, I learned how to live my best life because I learned to focus on finding peace and happiness within. I also began to write, which helped to solidify my spiritual understanding while also further connecting me to a higher awareness. This higher awareness brought clarity and understanding to my life and the human experience and gave me inspiration for my writing. Each person’s truth while being human is dependent on each person’s individual experience and education, so my truth is not yours, but the path to finding my truth can be an example to help you discover yours. My goal is to inspire by sharing my experiences and what I have learned through my education. Why is it worth me sharing with you?  Because through my own journey of spiritual seeking I found personal fulfillment, I feel whole and connected, I have forgiven myself and others, I have discovered how to love myself which allows me to truly love others, I have discovered my purpose and passion and I have learned how to let go of fearing life and instead living life with courage and passion.  All of these things you can be and have too, if you need help or guidance in getting there, I am here to help you!



BA Counseling Psychology The Ohio State University

Reverend University of Metaphysics

Masters Degree University of Metaphysics

PhD in Philosophy with an Emphasis on Holistic Coaching University of Sedona

I am also


Compassionate, Caring, Intuitive, non-judgmental and have a laid back approach to life.  

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